OID 2015: Open Identity Summit 2015

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10.11.2015, 20:00 - 11.11.2015, 17:00
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Berlin, Deutschland


The aim of the Open Identity Summit 2015 is to link practical experiences and requirements with academic innovations. Focus areas will be Research and Applications in the area of Identity Management, Trust Services, Open Source, End-to-End Encryption and Cloud Computing.

Open standards and interfaces as well as open source technologies play a central role in the current identity management landscape as well as in emerging future scenarios in the area of electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions according to the eIDAS regulation (2014/910/EC), trustworthy end-to-end encryption and innovative applications in the area of e-health, e-government and cloud computing for example. While there are already plenty of successful applications in which those techniques are used to safeguard the authenticity, integrity and confidentiality, there are still many closely related areas which demand further research.

We invite stakeholders and technical experts to submit original research papers. Industrial contributions presenting lessons learnt from practical usage, case study, recent results of prototypes, are also welcomed. Submissions should be full papers (max. 12 pages) in English. Each paper will be subjected of a double blind peer review. Note that those contributions, which will be accepted as poster presentation, will be limited to 8 pages.


Topics of Interest

The topics of the workshop include but are not limited to:

Identity Management and Privacy

  • Security and interoperability of identity management, credential technologies and electronic identity tokens.
  • Security analysis and proofs for authentication protocols and federated identity management protocols based on SAML, OpenID, WS-* and OAuth for example.
  • Privacy enhancing technologies.
  • Concepts for and practical experiences with components, systems, services, processes and applications for identity management and end-to-end encryption.
  • Identity and Access Management best practice in a corporate environment.
  • Novel technologies for identity management and end-to-end encryption.
  • Mobile aspects of identity management and alternative identity tokens.
  • Standards, interoperability aspects and interoperable solutions for identity management and end-toend encryption.
  • Secure, evident and sustainable identity management solutions for electronic processes, records management and IT-service-platforms.
  • International, global and long term aspects of identity management.
  • Legal and socio-economic aspects of privacy and identity management.
  • Privacy, non-traceability, auditability and evidence within identity management systems.
  • Aspects related to ensuring legally significant trusted trans-boundary electronic interaction.

Trust Services and Related Applications

  • Legal and international aspects related to the eIDAS regulatory framework (2014/910/EC).
  • Economic aspects related to electronic identification and trust services in particular for electronic signatures, electronic seals, electronic time stamps, electronic registered delivery and website authentication.
  • Standards, technologies and innovative solutions related to electronic identification and trust services in particular for electronic signatures, electronic seals, electronic time stamps, electronic registered delivery and website authentication.
  • Aspects related to the certification and accreditation of trust services and related components.
  • Concepts and solutions for the long-term preservation of evidence with respect to identification and authentication processes or the authenticity and integrity of electronic data.
  • International harmonization of qualification standards for trust services and electronic identity

Open Source

  • Security, interoperability as well as legal and economic aspects of open source in the area of security and identity management.
  • Concepts and practical experiences with open source components related to security, identity management and end-to-end-encryption.
  • Integration of identity management solutions in existing open source libraries or frameworks.
  • Open source tools for distributed specification, development, quality assurance and dissemination of project results.
  • Aspects related to open source community development and federated social media.
  • New open source projects and news from existing open source projects in the area of security, identity management, trust services, end-to-end encryption and cloud computing.


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